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1990 Jeep Wagoneer – Long Block Motor Replacement, Edelbrock Performance Carb, Engine Compartment Decluttered, New Radiator, Waterpump, Battery and Harmonic Balancer

Filed Under: Jeep Projects
Jeep Wagoneer Long Block Motor Edelbrock Performance Carb

To achieve more power and torque range for our Client’s classic 1990 Jeep Wagoneer antique, we replaced the motor with a long block engine and added a Edelbrock 650cfm performance carb.

Now our client can enjoy experiencing much more get-up and go over the stock configuration!

We completely decluttered the engine compartment making it much more pleasing to look at. We reorganized and rerouted the wiring, replaced the vacuum lines, and replaced the hardware with fresh bolts and a new air cleaner.

Edelbrock has been producing proven performance products designed, manufactured and performance tested in the United States of America for over 70 years. The Edelbrock 650cfm performance carb we installed “wakes up the motor” from its stock configuration to provide more get-up and go. We adapted the kickdown lever and throttle lever to the new carb.

We added a new harmonic balancer and adapted the intake manifold to fit the new engine block.

Finally, we added a brand new radiator, waterpump and battery.