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1995 Range Rover SWB – Old Man Emu NitroCharger Shocks, a Mesh Steel Roof Rack, and Cooper Discoverer S/T MAXX tires

Filed Under: Land Rover Repair, Servicing, Maintanence & Modification in Tysons Corner…, Past Projects Portfolio

For this 4×4 project, we installed Old Man Emu NitroCharger shocks, a full size ARB mesh steel roof rack, and Cooper Discoverer S/T MAXX tires on a 1995 Range Rover SWB.

Designed for superior performance over all types of terrain, Old Man Emu suspension systems provide noticeable improvements to a vehicle’s performance, load carrying capacity, and handling control abilities. Unlike many other aftermarket suspensions where a single configuration targets a certain lift height, Old Man Emu offers a unique and fully integrated solution. OME provides a range of tuned, matched, and integrated systems to ensure that the right suspension components are fitted to suit specific vehicle requirements.

Engineered to support the full rated load capacity of your vehicle, ARB’s steel roof racks utilize round tube construction for maximum strength and aerodynamics. The additional fully welded steel mesh floor provides extra security to ensure that whatever you’re bringing along on your off-roading journey stays put.

Interested in getting these accessories (and more) installed on your vehicle? Check out our ARBAMS store listings for Old Man Emu NitroCharger shocks and steel roof racks, or view all ARB 4×4 accessories that we offer.




1995 Ranger Rover SWB