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2002 Lexus – Old Man Emu 2.5in Suspension Lift Kit, ARB Touring Rack, Tepui Rooftop Tent, BFG ATK02 Tires

Filed Under: ARB Touring/Camping Project, Lexus Projects
2002 Lexus ARB Touring Rack and Rooftop Tent
  • Old Man Emu 2.5in Suspension Lift Kit – Tested in the challenging terrain of the Australian outback… an Old Man Emu suspension lift kit provides superior off and on road performance. Experience increased ground clearance for articulation to climb the obstacles ahead of you. The OME lift kit comes complete with progressively wound, high grade springs and nitrogen charged with triple staged valving. Enjoy varying shock rates in the front and rear for a sporty and firm ride. 3 year warranty.
  • ARB Touring Rack – Ideal for carrying a rooftop tent, featuring a basket in the front and a flat rack in the rear. Manufactured from strong, tubular steel.
  • Fitted with a Tepui Rooftop Tent – Durable rip-resistant waterproof tent. Rooftops tents mount directly to your roof rack and can then be set up in just a few minutes for convenient on the road camping.
  • 33.4in BFG ATK02 – Perfect for tearing it up offroad. Enjoy a proven track record with BFG tires. 10 ply tire for maximum longevity.
2002 Lexus Fitted with Tepui Rooftop Tent

Lexus 2002 Old Man Emu 2.5in Lift Kit Lexus 2002 33.4in BFG ATK02 Tires 2002 Lexus Nitro Charger Sport Old Man Emu