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Arlington Motorcar Service Customer Reviews:

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Nancy Rose Senich

Thank you Elliott and the Arlington Motorcar Service (Tysons Corner) for helping me keep my LR4 in shape! Anyone with a Range Rover or Land Rover MUST know about this place!

Loic Fabro

Very knowledgeable about Land Rovers (newer and classic models). Have the right equipment to clear lights/read codes/etc.

Amber Kerr

I was more than satisfied with the professionalism and service provided by the staff at AMS. They were friendly, courteous, and honest. It is refreshing to actually receive customer service for a change. I felt like I wasn’t just a number (as I have when I’ve gone to the dealership) and I was treated with respect. Thank you AMS!! You are now the only mechanics I would trust with my Rover!!

Jourdan G.

I had my car towed to this shop after driving over a speed bump too fast. I was told by a friend that my ball joints needed to be replaced and he suggested this shop because a friend of his had a good experience with the manager. Not only did they finish the job incredibly quickly, but they also told me that my control arm needed to be fixed and took care of that too. They worked over a weekend to complete it so that I’d have it back in time for my work week. Great customer service.

William D.

I was directed to Arlington Motorcar Service by the ARB USA website, as the only authorized ARB dealer in this area. ARB is an Australian manufacturer of high-quality off-road accessories and parts such as bumpers, rock sliders, lighting (IPF), suspensions (Old Man Emu) among others.

I brought my Toyota FJ to them for fitting of both front and rear ARB bumpers as well as some IPF auxiliary lighting. At my first visit, I just “dropped by.” One of the owners happened to see me drive up and immediately struck up a conversation. He then invited me in to talk about his ARB business and what they do to install. I told him, I’d get back to him.

A few weeks, later, I texted the owner/manager of the ARB side of the business that I would be ready to go. He and I arranged the deposit, so he could order the bumpers (which are not particularly cheap – but extremely well-made). Once they arrived, he contacted me to schedule an installation. They’d had to keep my truck a few days, and were kind enough to arrange a rental, from a location, just around the corner.

Installation was not without issues (not their fault as many aftermarket installs — even high-quality components sometimes need some additional customization beyond what the install manuals indicate); however, they worked with me to overcome them and the overall job was extremely professional. For example, on the rear ARB bumper install, they had to make accommodations for the back-up sensors that the later-model FJs incorporate. Even though the overall install took longer than was first quoted, they stuck to the price that we agreed upon.

I also had them do a “regular 15K service” on my truck while there. That was reasonably priced and done well.

As several had said, here, they do specialize in Land Rover, of course, FJ’s, but I’ve also seen them doing custom installs (even much more extensive than mine) on showroom new Toyota trucks — with full suspension mods, bumpers, air-lockers, winches, and more. This is a strong specialty; however, they do general repairs.

I will definitely be back for more modifications.

George D.

I had an issue with my emergency brake on my Landrover. My current mechanic said I needed a new transfer case and should probably replace the transmission while making the repair. I called Arlington Motor Car and over the phone got to speak with their head mechanic who is brilliant. I decide to flatbed my Rover to them because now the vehicle was disabled. The mechanic at Arlington was right. There was a short on my battery that welded the parking brake to the frame and the transfer case was fine. Arlington saved me thousands. I was on the verge of a $6000 repair or selling the vehicle as is for two grand. The folks there are very thorough, articulate and thoughtful. I can’t recommend them more highly.

George D.

I was saved over the phone talking with their head mechanic. Almost let go of my Rover for 2 grand. These folks fixed what I was told would be many thousands of dollars by other provider for very little. They are careful, thorough, polite and resourceful. I recommend them one hundred percent.

John Kazeva

I rely on AMS for competent, courteous and competitive service. I have had six vehicles serviced by them for fifteen years now (2011).

My being a rocket scientist means I always keep my vehicles well maintained and demand a fully functioning vehicle.

On my first visit with my ’89 Range Rover, when I initially had a concern with their diagnosis as it was an expensive fix needed, they rectified that by visiting a competitor with me that also diagnosed exactly what AMS did. The competitor’s price came back 1.75 times higher than AMS’s price, so this also showed me AMS was the right decision all along; I havent gone anywhere else since.

They always provide me in their estimates what I need NOW and what ‘can wait’ to allow me to budget my repair schedule. Their 52-point check-over means they always catch things to ensure I will never be stranded with a breakdown.

I have had VW’s, BMW’s (auto and a motorcycle), Mercedes-Benz, and of course my Range Rover serviced by them, all older ‘classic’ vehicles that require specialized service by highly skilled technicians.

Additionally, they now upkeep my Land Rover Disco II, as they also are up-to-the-minute on the latest diagnostics these highly engineered vehicles require in their maintenance.

I consider them friends as well as professional service associates for my motor vehicle service, as they are always welcoming to all their customers.

We have a great history together – when it was time to (reluctantly) sell my Range Rover Classic, Shaun wisely bought it because he knew it was well maintained by his staff.

Alex K.

Passed by Arlington Motorcar on my way to work and noticed a Red Camel Trophy Range Rover Classic in their lot. Dropped in and spoke to Bill about how unhappy I was with the OEM brakes on my Range Rover, and he made a recommendation on using ceramic pads and aftermarket rotors. I was extremely happy with their service, and their willingness to spend time talking to me and answer all of my questions. They treat you like you’re in a friend’s garage and stand behind all of their work. I am extremely happy with the quality of service I received and will be returning there for all of my future work.

Carl K.

“I have been an AMS customer for 4 years now and I have nothing but the highest praise for their honesty, service and responsiveness. I started taking my Land Rover to them when my warranty expired – and I instantly found them to be more competent, easier to deal with, and less expensive than the dealer. After several positive experiences, I began taking all of my vehicles to AMS. Their experienced technicians have saved me a fortune with common sense diagnosis of problems, reliable recommendations on what truly needs to be fixed and what can wait, and aggressive location of quality aftermarket replacement parts. Most importantly, with two teenage sons now driving, I have complete confidence that our vehicles are safe and mechanically sound. Repaired problems reliably stay fixed and I can count on the fact that AMS will preemptively identify issues and recommend honest repairs but will never try to gouge me just so that they can make a buck. I have even had technicians volunteer to stop by my house and make a quick repair in my driveway!

AMS has earned my loyalty and has significantly outperformed every other service station I have tried in the decade that I have lived in the Arlington area. With their recent move to the Tysons area, I now willingly drive from Arlington to their new location because I won’t take my cars to anyone else. If you are looking for an honest, competent shop you can count on to take care of you and take excellent care of your vehicle, go to AMS.

George N.

If you need a great, local, family-owned shop, look no further. Their mechanics are knowledgeable, experienced guys, not teenagers fresh out of mechanic school. Friendly and personable service too. Highly recommend.


The air conditioning on my older 944 Porsche kept going out. Bill at Arlington Motorcar did a great job explaining how they planned to go about finding out what was wrong and then how they’d go about fixing it. Great job overall and the AC is now running ice cold. Overall a good experience and I’d go back there again.

Steve McCabe

I unfortunately had put a few gallons of gasoline in my 2009 Jetta TDI. I drove over 100 miles and the car conked out! I brought it to Lindsay VW of Sterling and they sat on the car four days before diagnosing the problem . They wanted to repair it for $4629, claiming the engine was contaminated and I need a new fuel pump, new pipes, and filters. They never really did a test to see how much gas was in the system. I went to AMS after reviewing car repair shops in Arlington and found them to be quite honest. I brought the car that supposedly would not start to them for evaluation. They said all they would have to do is drain the contents of the diesel and put in filters. Their repair was only $450, and the car works excellently. VW would not help me on a warranty claim and car rental even though they swear by their 36000-mile all-inclusive warranty. Do not go to Lindsay VW in Sterling. Jimmy was an excellent technician that I would recommend to anyone.